18 Nurse Resolutions for 2018

A new year brings lists of things and goals we hope to accomplish within the next year. Whether it’s losing weight, cleaning our house more, or gossiping less, let’s be real- most of our resolutions are broken by February 1st.

For me, this new year brings a whole new set of resolutions. My new years resolutions have stopped revolving around nursing school and the life of a college student. No longer am I saying that I will stop Netflix bingeing when I should be studying, or that I will stop online shopping during lectures (I totally never did that, mom). But now as a full-fledged registered nurse, there are some “nurse resolutions” that I want to try to keep.

I hope that some of you will be making and keeping these resolutions with me!

In 2018, I resolve to:

  1. Keep a positive attitude, even when the unit gets hectic and crazy.
  2. Stay on top of my charting instead of scrambling to finish it before shift change.
  3. Attempt to keep hydrated during my shifts; drinking coffee doesn’t count.
  4. Make sure I’m truly listening to, and not just hearing, my patients and their families.
  5. Be patient, especially when the pharmacy or lab is taking a long time to send me what I need.
  6. Not flirt with and/or prank the residents (okay, maybe I’ve already broken this one).
  7. Exercise on my days off, so I can be strong for my patients.
  8. Appreciate everyone I work with in the hospital, from fellow nurses to environmental services.
  9. Ask questions or for help when I need it, instead of pretending I know how to do everything.
  10. Eat more veggies and less chocolate.
  11. Learn and practice care that makes me uncomfortable or nervous, like tracheostomies.
  12. Take every opportunity to improve on my IV insertion and phlebotomy skills.
  13. Try to learn something everyday that will improve patient care or nursing skills in my specialty.
  14. Be there when my patients and families really need a hug or a hand to hold.
  15. Not squirt saline flushes like they are water guns.
  16. Help my coworkers on the unit whenever I can, so we can truly work as a team.
  17. Spend my time off doing things I love, whether it’s learning a new hobby or being with my family.
  18. Truly appreciate every patient experience, as they are what keep me in love with my career.


Have a great 2018!